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Sorry i haven’t written in a few days and have let the 30 Positions in 30 Days fall by the way side.  In a nutshell, i’ve been feeling like the the blog has been running me instead of the other way ‘round.


me before ‘the quest’

We started the blog as a healthy outlet for my writing.  The blog also to give me something positive to do by allowing me to receive healthy validation and praise.  But of course with most things i endeavor to do, i go overboard and then get crazy.

For the past three weeks i’ve been feeling the pressure to post.

We saw an uptick of traffic to our site and i became really stoked.  Instead of just reveling the increased-traffic high, i set out on a mission to chase it.

me now when i look at the blog and see the mountain of stories to be written

me now when i look at the blog and see the mountain of stories to be written

i wanted more.  So my fiendish little mind hatched the 30 day quest and i coaxed Sir on board.

By day three, i was tapped out creatively.  Seriously, how many times i can describe penetration.  Work has been a huge emotional suck, i’ll post more on that later, and by the time i get home there is little quality time to spend with my Husband/Sir.  i’m was feeling the pressure to post increase.  Finally, He developed some chafing, too much sexing, and we took a day off.

When i breathed a HUGE sigh of relief, my darling Husband asked me why.  As i relayed to Him the story of needing to post to keep ‘the numbers’ up, He looked at me and said, “Why are you letting the blog run you?”

“This is supposed to be something fun and creative for you to do.  So what if only three people read it.  If you’re doing it for you, you’ll get more out of it.”

Ah, this is why i married Him – my supportive genius.

So my dear readers, we are suspending 30 Positions in 30 Days.  And maybe in a few days i’ll feel all creative again and want to share about how we ‘get down’ tonight.  While i may not post as frequently, i will post something decent, of quality, to read.

Thank you for your continued support, comments and likes!

It truly means A LOT this little blogger!