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Mmmm, i love it when we start out with me on my knees in front of Sir.  With my hands on His thighs, i look up at Him.  Smiling a devilishly naughty grin, i take His semi-hard cock into my mouth and slide my lips to the base of Him.  i slowly glide up and down His shaft.  The sensation of His erection growing and thickening in my mouth makes me wet.  i moan around Him as He nudges the back of my throat with the tip of His cock.

His hands move to either side of my head and He pushes me further down onto His shaft, making me gag.

“Hmmmm, good girl.”  He compliments.

my tongue feverishly flicks the underside of His penis as He fucks my mouth.  i hear the breath catch in His throat and then He growls.  He swiftly pulls glistening His rock hard shaft out of my mouth.

“Turn over onto your back.”

Promptly i obey.  And He moves between my thighs.

“Get your legs up.”  He commands.

i lift my legs straight up into the air, spread, aching for Him to penetrate me.  i don’t have to wait long before i am rewarded.  He deftly thrusts His cock into my tight little pussy.  When He’s buried deep within me, to the hilt, He grabs my ankles and moves my legs into position.  Because we didn’t have the timing down, i accidentally kick Him in the chest.  I gasp and a smirk crosses His face.  He then crosses my legs, tightening the hold my pussy has on His length.  He groans and pumps me a few times.


He then unwinds my legs and places them against His left shoulder.  He fucks me for a little while in this position and i start to get lazy.  my legs begin to list to one side, nearly falling off His shoulder.  i apologize while slightly giggling.  He grins, arches an eyebrow and swiftly slams into me.

“Oh!” i shriek.

i can feel the head of His cock collide with my cervix.  He grins again, grabs my ankles and places one on each of His shoulders.  Opening me slightly.  He expertly moves, shallowly thrusting in and out of my damp core.


We try moving my legs again.  And all of the sudden i feel like we’re Goldilocks in search of ‘just right’.

Finally He moves my legs into our favorite position, the toad, and we find a rhythm.  Too soon we are driven by instinct and need.  He forcefully shoves His entire length into me as i hear Him roar His release.

A few moments later, He collapses on top of me.  His breathing slowly returns to normal as i grin my little ‘well fucked’ grin.