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This post was originally started by Mr. Wanton and finished by the mrs.  He wanted to explain why there will be an ‘extra’ day of positions and why there won’t be a position post today.

So here i am, mrs. w, writing to you.

In essence, Mr. Wanton has been rode hard and put up wet.  Yes, my darling Husband, in His words, “…has soft girly man-skin.”

Yesterday afternoon He noticed a bit of chafing on the tops of His thighs, around ‘Mr. Happy’.  It’s nothing that will need medication or acute medical attention.

It’s from over use. *blush*  And while all of that grinding and sexing has left a mental indelible mark on me, sadly it’s left a physical one on Him.

So dear readers, hopefully after much talc and a night off, both Mr. Wanton and Mr. Happy will be raring to go tomorrow.  Keep your fingers crossed.  ;)