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It’s Day 3 of the ‘quest’ and today has been an up and down kinda day for us.  We found ourselves talking about something i had mentioned to my physical affair partner; about marks on my body.  Sir and i were talking it through before, during and after a spanking.

“I would have noticed marks on you.”  He stated flatly.

“See here, there are marks on you now, from Me.”

His fingers trace the outlines of the faint bruising.

“i’m glad these marks and all marks on my body are from you Sir.”  I softly whisper as i lightly cry.

We find ourselves in an embrace.  And then we’re kissing.  His hand drifts to my bottom and gives it a playful swat.  He takes a step back, turns me so that my arse is facing Him.  He starts to spank me.

*smack* *smack* *smack* *smack* *smack*

He fondles my cheeks after each spank.  Almost admiringly.  All at once, He ushers me over to the bed and i willingly follow.  Leaning over onto the bed, presenting my shapely derriere to Him.

*smack* *smack* *smack* *smack* *smack*

His spanks begin anew.  This time between each whack, His other hand explores my sex.  Just when i think He’s going to penetrate me, He commands me to lay on the bed.

I move over and lay back against the pillows.  As He joins me on the bed, His left hand slides up my thigh and cups my downy mound.  His large hand covers it completely, and He squeezes.  my thighs instinctively part and my hips rock forward, silently begging Him for more.

Before long, He has two fingers buried in my wet pussy, with the pads of each digit rubbing against my g-spot.  The light pressure feels so deliciously good.  my moans grow louder.  Each push and rub along my inner core fiercely intensifies my desire for Him.  All of the sudden the need to be fucked skyrockets.  i start to buck my hips against His probing fingers.

With His free hand, He grabs my wrist and drags my hand to my pussy.  i skillfully slip two nimble fingers between my lips and rub my taut clit.  Soon i am a quivering mass of lust and hunger.  Finally it is all too much to bear and i cum for Him.  my moisture coating His fingers as He continues to stroke the walls of my trembling pussy.

As i drift back to reality, He is moving up over me and into position.  He thrusts His rigid cock into my tight, wet cunt.  Making me whimper.  His thrusts begin to take on a relentless rhythm.  Almost pounding into me.  His hips grinding against me each time he bottoms out, filling me completely.

As He continues to stuff His thickness into me, i spread wider. Moving my legs up around Him, into the second position.

i know some people may find it tiresome or rote, but the toad is one of my favorite positions.  I can feel the entire length of His body, and His cock, on (and in) mine.  There is i find something so supremely feminine in wrapping my arms and legs around my Sir as He plunges into me, again and again.

He begins to pick up His pace as He draws nearer to orgasm.

Your pussy feels so good and slick.”  He compliments.

“That’s because you know how to expertly tease your little girl Sir.”

He growls as His hips taking on a frenetic pace.  Before long, His body tenses and a harsh animal cry escapes Him; and He explodes deep inside of me.

After He has pumped the last stream of His seed within me, He slumps down on top of me.  Our breathing ragged.  Our bodies pressed tightly against one another.  He leans forward and kisses my lips, gently.

“I love you little girl.”