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Day 2 of the quest saw our session begin as most do, with a spanking.  Sometimes the purpose is to refocus.  Sometimes it’s simply for pleasure.  This one was the latter.  i had been having a bit of a rough day, Sir knew it, and i needed a little ‘pick me up’.

While i am bent over His knee His hand smoothes over my supple bottom.  Caressing my curves.  He mischievously slides two fingers into my tight little pussy.  Luckily, His spanking has warmed, and wetted, me up for His intrusion.

The suddenness of His thrust makes me gasp.  i hear Him groan with delight.  He loves it when it hurts, just a bit.  As His fingers work their magic, His free hand spanks out a steady beat across my arse cheeks.

*smack* *smack* *smack* *smack* *smack*

The feeling of pleasure and pain intermingle and my hips begin to wriggle.  He continues His delicious torment.  Fingers fucking.  Palm spanking.

*smack* *smack* *smack* *smack* *smack*

Next He pushes me off of His lap, scooting me up the bed.  He moves out from under me and commands me to get into position.

“Get onto your knees little girl.”

“Yes Sir.”  I answer enthusiastically.

As i climb into place, i promptly remember this is one of the poses of 30 Positions in 30 Days.  A flutter of excitement washes over my body as i anticipate what will come next.

He moves in behind me, fondles my derriere and aims His thick cock at my dripping sex.  In this position, He easily rams His entire length into me, causing me to whimper.  He always knows precisely what His little masochist adores.

While doggy style opens me up to Him, and puts me in my place – on my knees for Him, He does have to adjust His angle a bit.  He’s about a foot taller than i am, which means longer legs.  So when we kneel in doggy style together, His cock aims downward and into me.

Sometimes that’s awesome, making the head of His cock rub against my G-spot.  But other times it seems like His cock is like a heat seeking missile slamming into my cervix.

We try to find the right angle.  But to no avail.  He growls and tells me to turn over.

Readily, i flip onto my back and spread my legs for Him.  Before i register what is going on, He grabs my hairbrush off of the dresser, lubes it up, and deftly slips it into me.  A faint moan escapes my lips as i accommodate the girth of the handle.

He pumps the brush a few times, in and out of my pussy.  All too quickly i am wet.  Nearly dripping at the intrusion.

“Hmm, you should be rubbing your clit little girl.”  He instructs.

“Yes Sir”

my eager hand slithers down my chest, over abdomen and between my moist lips; searching out my taut little pearl.  i leisurely circle my clit with my middle finger.  Enjoying the feel and friction of skin on skin as He looks on.

Knowing He is attentively watching me rub myself, adds fuel to the already raging fire.  As if to stoke the blaze to fever pitch He slips a wet finger into my arse.  my hips lurch forward, then backward, driving His finger deeper into me.

“Rub that clit little girl.”  He dictates.

Wanting to obey and not disappoint, i rub fast and furious.  The tingling begins.  Starting deep within my core, steadily radiating outward.

“Sir i’m going to cum.”

“Mmmm, good girl”

“Thank you Sir”

And i cum for Him.  Hips wildly bucking.  Moans loudly exclaiming.  He continues to pumps the brush in and out of my pussy as His index finger plunges in and out of my arse.

As my orgasm fades He moves up to lay along side of me.  As He caresses my cheek He asks,  “Feel better?”

“Yes Sir, thank you.”

We’re nose to nose when He whispers, “I love you little girl.”

And softly i sigh, “I love you too Sir.”