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Okay, so i’ve been really excited about starting our quest; 30 positions in 30 days.  We continued to vacillate between planning each day or just winging it.  Since Sir is sort of a spontaneous kind of man, and rarely plans out a scene, we opted for the ‘go with the flow’ option.  Picking out the position together, the morning of the day.   This morning we picked out The Basket, or the Position of Equals.

The BasketSo, i went to work thinking and naughtily daydreaming about the evening ahead with Sir.  Excited to try the position we settled on.

After coming home home for work, i prepared my self for Him.  While He finishes showering, i sit, waiting at the edge of the bed – like a good little girl.

When He enters the room, He commands me to stand up.  We switch places and He advises me to lay across His lap.  Ah, a spanking to warm things up.  A wide smile creeps across my face.  Soon His hands are on me.  First fondling my soft derriere.  Next spanking it.

*smack* *smack* *smack* 

He alternates between a quick succession of spanks and slow caresses.

*smack* *smack* *smack*

*rub* *rub* *rub*

*smack* *smack* *smack*

*rub* *rub* *rub*

His spanks become harder and i forget all about the 30 day quest AND the position.  My focus is solely on my tender bottom and His menacing hand.  i can feel my pussy grow wet with each spank.

Suddenly He stops and picks up my hairbrush.  And then starts again, this time spanking me harder with my hairbrush.

*smack* *smack* *smack*

*smack* *smack* *smack*

The brisk swats of the brush pepper each cheek.  The sting lingering, making me wince and moan at the same time.

Again He abruptly stops and directs me to get onto my knees.  i move to the edge of the bed, and kneel for Him.  With my legs spread and feet dangling off the bed, He comes up behind me and gropes my exposed sex.  Two tenacious fingers work their way into me.  Teasing.  Exploring.  Penetrating.  He pumps me a few times, preparing me for His cock.

Again He spanks each cheek with the hairbrush.

*smack* *smack* *smack*

*smack* *smack* *smack*

When my cheeks are sufficiently pink, He pulls His fingers out of me and licks them clean.

“Mmmmm”  He growls.

Just when i think i’m going to be rewarded with His cock, He slides the hairbrush handle into my tight cunt.  The hard plastic is so rigid and forceful as He carefully slides it into me.

“Don’t move.”  He commands.

i can feel the handle stretch me as He pushes it deeper.  my pussy pulses as desire spreads through me.  My knees droop a bit as i’m overcome with pleasure and i sink closer to the mattress.

*smack* *smack* *smack* *smack* *smack*

“I said don’t move.”  He sternly reminds me.

Quickly, i get back into position.

Being on my knees for Him and treated like His naughty little whore drives me wild.

As He fucks me with the hairbrush handle, my hips rock back and forth to meet it.  Forcing it further into my cunt.  my moans grow louder as He continues to impale me.

For good measure He adds a few swats to my bottom, reminding me who precisely is in charge here.  And i hear Him growl with delight as i whimper.

All of the sudden, He pulls the hairbrush out of me and grabs my hips.  Compelling me to flip over onto my back.  I willingly comply.  As i lay on my back, He spreads my legs.  His large hands cup my thighs as He covers my mound with His mouth.

Soon, He has two fingers and His tongue delving into my damp core.  Within a handful of moments i’m on the brink of climax.

Before i begin to beg He sympathetically says, “Cum for me little girl.”

All too eagerly i do as i am told.  My hips lunging forward.  My cries of pleasure filling the room.  My moisture coating His lips, tongue and fingers.

As my orgasm fades, Sir moves around me to the head of the bed.  He sits, leaning His back against the headboard.  He summons me over to straddle Him.  Eagerly, i get up to obey Him.

Then real life creeps in and my focus has shifted.  I notice He’s still wearing socks and there’s a ‘hate poop’ on the floor from one of the dogs.  my head is out of the game.

He notices the subtle shift in my demeanor as i walk forward and slowly pull His socks off.  He asks me what’s up and i explain about the distractions.  He points to His erection and sharply says, “Is this the time to be thinking about those things?”

i cast my eyes down to the floor, immediately knowing i just made a HUGE mistake and let my OCD get the better of me.

“I’m sorry.” i meekly say.

He flips me over and quickly teaches me a lesson.

After, we come together in a kiss.  This time it’s gentle, full of love and of care.

He moves us so again, we’re at the head of the bed, with Him leaning back against the headboard.  He then prompts me to move up onto Him so we can try the position.

We’ve done a woman on top position before, but this was different.  Having Him sitting up, leaning against the headrest, made it a tiny bit awkward getting into position.  You see, i am not a size 2 and i am a novice yoga practitioner.  So it takes a minute or two to get situated.  Plus, as most women do, i fret over whether or not i am too weighty on top of Sir.

We continue to kiss as i reach between us and guide Him past my velvety folds, to the heart of me.  His hands reach up and rest on my hips, urging me down His shaft.  When i reach the root of Him, my hips grind against His groin.  Then i begin that delectable dance, moving up and down on His rock hard cock.  Riding Him.

Honestly, getting the right rhythm down to make the “ol’ in and out” feel amazing was a bit trickier.  i’m very spoiled and have been so accustomed to Sir taking the lead.  It was a bit tougher for me to be the one to ‘take charge’.

After a few tries, we weren’t feeling it.  He seemed detached and i was focusing too much on trying to make it work.  Maybe it was the disconnect from earlier.  Maybe it was the really long day at work.  Maybe we just didn’t dig the position.  Finally i ask.

“Sir, do you want me to move onto my front so you can fuck me from behind?”

“Yes.”  He quickly responds.

i clamber off of Him and lay face down, prone, on the bed.  He moves up and covers my body with His, pressing His weight against me.  Pushing me into the mattress.  He swiftly enters me from behind and embarks on His quest for climax.

Afterward, we talk a little bit about what happened.  Trying not to get caught up again in those negative feelings.  Finally He switches off the light, we lay down and curl against each other.  Him spooning me from behind.  No sex, just holding.  Cuddling.  Connecting.

It seems as of late this is my favorite position of all.