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Unknown-1i was cruising the internet and came across a few stories about positions.  Sex positions.  A few magazines had done an update of what position is which, with a catchy new name.

As i was reading about some of these positions i thought, “Why doesn’t anyone ever rate them for funtionality?”  Then i thought HEY blogpost.  Then i thought UGH long blog post.

Then the Husband says, “wow, there are a lot.  Even if you did one a day it would take a while.”  Which sparked the 30 positions in 30 days trial.  Oh how i love that man!

So, for the next month-ish, yeah i know February only has 28 days, we’ll be trying out a few Kamasutra positions.  We’ll share the details, share their merits and then rate them.  Sounds like fun right?  Oh yeah – if you’re feeling so inclined and want try a position, or have already tried it, let us know.  Share it by commenting on the position post.

First position coming (no pun intended) February 1, 2013.  Stay tuned!