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We had a rough day.  Emotions everywhere.  Tears spilled.  Hurts revisited.  We wind up in bed, just laying there.  Spooning.  Holding each other.

As we begin to relax a bit, His hands start to wander my body.  Soon we’re groping, then rubbing.  We cast off our clothes and move into a passionate kiss.  i love how He kisses me.  It’s a mixture of restraint and lust.  He’s consumed with desire, but maintains His control.

His body moves between my thighs, parting them.  Opening me to His view.  A strong hand covers my soft mound and slides down as His index finger penetrates me.

“Hmmm, you’re wet.”  He says.

“Yes Sir.”

His kisses always make me moist, anticipating what will come next.  He leans down and kisses the lips of my sex.  He pulls His finger out to taste me.

“Mmmmm.”  He compliments.

His tongue delves between my folds and He devours me.  Mouth, lips and tongue exploring me.  Teasing me.  Exciting me.  Then He slides another finger into me.  Both fingers pump my tight little cunt.  Making me cry out with pleasure.

The feel of Him filling me, finger fucking me, moistens my pussy even more.  I can almost hear obscene wet sounds as His fingers crudely thrust in and out of my hole.

“I’m being so rough on my little girl’s pussy.”

“But I know you can take it.”

His pace quickens and He mercilessly shoves His fingers deeper.

“Your cunt feels so good little girl.  So soft and so tight around my fingers.”

His adoration washes over me, as a lustful flush creeps across my skin.

“Close your legs little girl.”

Eagerly i obey.  The sensation of His fingers filling me brings me closer to the edge.  And i begin to beg.

“Please Sir may i rub my clit?”

“Yes rub that little clit for me.  Rub that little clit for Daddy.”

“Yes Daddy.”

My nipples harden as His words add fuel to the fire growing deep within me for Him.  He pumps my pussy furiously.  My middle finger flicks my hard clit back and forth repeatedly.  i can feel my moisture dripping down my thighs as i am on the brink of orgasm.

“Oh Sir, may i cum?”

“Mmmm, cum for Daddy my little whore.”

My hips lunge off the bed as they wildly hump against His hand.  And my tight little cunt clenches around His fingers.  i’m spasming as my release floods through me, coating His fingers.  He pulls them out of me and tastes them.


Then suddenly He savagely slams His length into me.  My wet cavern easily accepting His entire girth.  He plays a cat and mouse game.  Sliding half way in only to slide completely out.  Teasing me.  Driving me wild.  Finally He plunges deeply into me, to the hilt and fucks me senseless.

His hips uninhibitedly banging into mine as He propels His rock hard cock in and out of my tight little cunt.  My inner muscles pulse around Him, savoring the feel of Him buried deep within me.  As He rhythmically fucks me, i feel Him get closer to climax.

Abruptly He roars His release, erupting deep inside of me, filling me.  At long last He breathes a sigh of relief and slumps down on top of me.  The full weight of His body pinning me to the mattress.  For a moment all thoughts are quieted and it’s just us two.

A tiny tear rolls down my cheek, incredibly joyful that i am His.  As our breathing, and world, returns to normal, we just lay there holding each other tightly.  Clinging to each other.

Never wanting to let go.