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We’re in the middle of a very sultry scene.  Details here.

He begins a delicious dance.  First spanking my arse.  Next fucking my pussy with the toy.  Finally spanking my arse again, pulling out the toy and resting it against my clit.  He repeats these steps over and over again.  My whimpers grow louder as He edges me closer to orgasm.

All of the sudden the vibrator against my clit feels painful, and without thinking i mention something to Sir.

“Oh Sir.  Painful.  Ouch.” i incoherently mutter.

“It feels better when it’s not pushed right up against me.” i lamely say.


He removes the vibrator and His voice takes on mocking tone.

“Is this better?”

At this point i realize i spoke without thinking and took on the old language of telling Him what i wanted.  Just as quickly as i register my mis-step, His palm forcefully comes down against my right arse cheek.  Repeatedly.  Stinging it smartly.

“Is this better?”  He sneers.

He stops straightaway and moves away from me, leaving me there on my knees.

“Is this better?”

I mutely shake my head, knowing all questions from this point on are rhetorical and i’m being taught a lesson.

“Hmmm, I should fuck your tight arse again.  Maybe that would make it better?”  He taunts.

“i’m sorry Sir,” i meekly say apologetically.


“What was that?”  He barks.

i go silent.

He then moves between my thighs positioning Himself at the entrance of my pussy and rams His cock into me.  As He savagely fucks me, He starts to spank my pussy.

*smack* *smack* *smack* *smack* *smack*

With each thrust i can feel Him slamming against my cervix.  I screw my eyes shut to blot out the pain.  Yet, on some level i revel in His authoritatively imposing manner.  My pussy gets wetter.  He continues to slam into me as i outwardly wince with discomfort.

“Thank you for telling me the vibrator wasn’t in the right position.”  He jibes.

“i’m so sorry Sir.”  i whimper.

While buried deep within my pussy He arches and leans back to spank my arse.

*smack* *smack* *smack* *smack* *smack*

After each spank, He pulls His cock out only to aggressively plunge it back in.  He does this for a while.  Making sure the lesson sinks in.

“There is a time and place little girl to let me know what you like and what you don’t like.”

When He feels i have truly learned my lesson, He pulls out of me and tells me to flip over onto my back.  And we return to our scene.