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In front of Sir, i’m standing there nude, except for my panties.  Presenting myself to Him.  He moves to stand behind me.  Then smacks me twice on the bottom.  Reaching around me, His hands roughly seize my breasts.  His fingers digging into the soft fleshy mounds as His mouth claims a nipple.  In contrast, He softy suckles.  My head lolls back against His chest and my back instinctively arches for Him. i can feel His naked form pressing against my back and derriere.

With His mouth and His left hand on one of my breasts, His right hand slips between my thighs.  Soon His fingers are inside of me.  Searching.  Teasing.  Plunging.

When He thinks i’m enjoying it too much, He changes His tack.  His fingers pull out of my damp core and His hand comes smartly down against one of my arse cheeks.

He switches hands and moves to my other breast.  Again, forcibly groping as His mouth captures my nipple.  I swoon backward, melting against Him.  His strong body holds me in place as He continues His advance.

He stops momentarily and spins me around to face Him.  His eyes rake over me, like a lion tracking His prey.  Powerfully, His mouth conquers mine.  His tongue skillfully teasing my lips further apart.  He places His hands on my shoulders and urges me toward the bed.

We break the kiss and He sits on the bed, leaning back against the headboard.  i crawl up onto the bed and perch myself between His thighs.  i kiss His chest, the light dusting of hair tickles my nose as i travel downward, over His abdomen to His groin.

Starting at the base of His cock, i glide my tongue along His shaft.  Coating His undercarriage with my saliva.  Slowly licking across the ridges and veins as His erection grows.  At long last, my lips leisurely encircle His head and i take Him deeply into my mouth.  Only stopping when i reach the root of Him, with my nose buried in His pubic hair.  i sharply inhale, taking in that musky male scent.  i can feel my nipples harden.

His large hands cup either side of my head as He begins to fuck my mouth.  The feel of His cock filling my mouth and hitting my gag reflex makes me wetter and hungrier for Him.  My mouth moves steadily up and down His thick pole.  As my tongue flicks and flutters along His shaft, i hear Him growl with pleasure.

Suddenly He stops, yanks me off of Him and flips me over.

“Get onto your knees.”  He commands.

Obediently i quickly move into position.  i feel His hands caress my backside, gently squeezing my twin globes.  Next i feel His finger teasing my tight little rosebud.  He lazily slides His finger into my arse.  Just the tip at first.  Teasing me.  Arousing me.  Exciting me.

Soon i feel Him poise His cock at the entrance to my arse.  Resolutely He shoves His rock hard cock into me.  I try to relax and allow Him in, but He feels so massive.  Steadily His sinks further into me, forcing me open.  Inch by inch.

“Mmmmm, you’re such a good girl.  Your arse is so tight.”  He praises.

“Thank you Sir.”

Unhurriedly He draws out of me, only to dive back in.  While buried in my arse He commands me to close my legs, on all fours with my knees together.  He grabs my hips, pulls out of me and slams back into my arse.  My squeaks of pleasure and pain go unnoticed as He pumps my tight little arse with His cock.

“Mmmm, I’m so deep in your arse little girl.”

He continues to savagely fuck my arse and it feels deliciously wicked and so fucking good.  Loudly i moan.  The pleasure of being filled coupled with the pain of His forceful thrusts makes my sex drip.  i hear Him snarl and feel Him rapidly pull out of me.

He stalks off to the bathroom and i hear Him turn the taps on.  i pause, not moving a muscle, and wait.  After He’s washed Himself off He returns to the bedroom.

The side of the bed dips as He moves in behind me.  Silently, He slides my pink vibrator into my pussy, to the hilt.  With one hand He mercilessly fucks my tight little cunt with the vibrator.  With the other hand, He swiftly swats my tender bottom, raining spanks on each cheek.

*smack* *smack* *smack* *smack* *smack* 

*smack* *smack* *smack* *smack* *smack*

He begins a delicious dance.  First spanking my arse.  Next fucking my pussy with the toy.  Finally spanking my arse again, pulling out the toy and resting it against my clit.  He repeats these steps over and over again.  My whimpers grow louder as He edges me closer to orgasm.

In the midst of everything, i open my mouth without thinking and am swiftly taught a lesson.  Read about it here.  When He feels i have learned my lesson, He pulls out of me and tells me to flip over onto my back.

He pushes my legs back as i bend my knees, hugging them to my chest – spread eagle.  He bends down and covers my sopping pussy with His mouth.  His tongue darting around my clit; licking it and my downy folds.  He laps at my lips.  Tasting me.  Drinking me.  Savoring me.

Promptly He shoves the vibrator back into my slick slit.  Once again His hands are at my breasts, roughly manhandling them.  Pinching my nipples, making me cry out in pleasure and pain.  That familiar ache swells within me and i begin to beg.

“May i rub my clit Sir?” i hesitantly ask.

“Why?”  He quizzes.

The sensation of His mouth on my nipples and Him pumping my pussy with the vibrator makes me whine louder.

“Because i want to cum for you Sir.”

“You’ll have to do better than that little girl.  If you want to rub your clit, you’re gonna have to beg for it.”

“Oh Sir, your little slut is so wet and hungry for you, please may i rub my clit and cum?”

“Hmmmm”  His eyes narrow as He watches me.

With as much appeal in my voice as i can muster, i implore once more, “Please Sir, your dirty little whore needs to cum.”

“Ah, all right.  But as you rub your clit, I’m going to pinch your nipples.”

As my fingers search out my little pearl, His forefingers and thumbs curl around my nipples.  While i rub, He pinches.  The sharpness of each tug on my nipples makes me wince and each flick of my clit causes me to moan lustfully.

“Mmmmm, I’m being so rough with my little girl.”

He releases one of my nipples, then wraps His free hand around my throat and tightens.  Oh!  my masterful Sir knows His little masochist all too well.  My eyes roll back in my head and sensation takes over.

My body quivers as my pussy pulses.  i can feel my orgasm stir deep within me.  Tingling beginning in my toes, and then swiftly sweeping across my body.  My whimpers evolve into shrieks of satisfaction as i cum for Him.

He pumps me a few more times with the vibrator, then masterfully replaces the toy with His thick cock.  He is nonstop.  Plunging.  Forcing.  Ramming.  my moans fill the room as my hips wildly buck against His powerful thrusts.  The feel of Him dominating me with each push makes me tremble with passion.

This way is how i simply adore Him.  When He’s in control.  When He commands me.  When He fucks me rough and hard until He cums.