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Waiting for Him to finish showering, i lay back on the bed.  As i hear the water shut off in the bathroom, my pulse quickens.

When He enters the room, He casts off the towel from around His waist.  Standing there nude, my eyes roam His long, firm body.  Unhurriedly, He makes His way to the foot of the bed, creeps up my body and stops when He reaches the juncture between my thighs.

His strong hands grip either thigh and He spreads my legs apart, opening the heart of me to Him.  His head dips down between my thighs and His mouth covers my soft mound.

Promptly, His tongue slips between my silky folds and seeks out my little pearl.  A little jolt of current passes between us and my hips lurch forward in ecstatic response.  His tongue glides over my clit.  Flicking.  Dabbing.  Teasing.

As if on cue, His probing fingers begin their quest.  First skimming my labia, then pulling on them.  He roughly tugs my lips apart, as though He were examining me.  Drawing them away from my body, griping my labia between His thumbs and forefingers.  My moans grow louder with each powerful pull.

Deliberately, He pushes one finger into my tight dripping sex.  Pumping it inside of me a few times before adding a second finger.  My moans turn to whimpers.  Again, He thrusts in and out of me.  Slowly finger fucking me.

“Hmmmm, you’re so tight,”  He remarks.

His fingers relentlessly force their way in and out of my tight little cunt.

“I don’t think anything else can fit in your tight pussy little girl.”

“i think maybe your cock Sir”

He pulls His fingers out, only to slide His rock hard cock into me.  Inch by inch.

“Yes.” He hisses.

“It fits so nicely.”

“Yes Sir, and your cock also stretches your little whore.”

“Mmmmm”  He agrees as He continues to pump me.

“Here’s what’s going to happen.”  He leans in close, His mouth near the shell of my ear.

“I’m going to fuck you.  Hard and fast.  Soon, I’m going to cum and fill your tight little pussy.  Then, I’m going to finger fuck you while you rub your tight little cunt and cum for me.”

His words are like glowing embers which add fuel to my hunger for Him.  i feel Him slam into me with immense force.  My breasts bounce with each brutal bang.  His cock driving deeper and harder, seeking release.

All at once He growls and His hips roughly hump against my supple mound, cumming.  He continues to grind against me as He empties Himself.

Sated, He pulls out of me and slithers down my body stopping between my thighs.  We lock eyes as He shoves three fingers into my slick hole.

He grins and says, “Hmmm, you’re so slippery little girl.”

“Cum for me,” He commands.

i close my eyes and begin to feel the familiar wave of excitement rise.  My pussy making obscene, moist noises as He continues to finger fuck me.  My body begins to shake and convulse as my orgasm surges through me.  My breath coming in quick pants as my tight little cunt spasms around His fingers.

Moments later i feel our desire slowly seeping out of me.  As He pulls His wet fingers from me, He shoves them into my mouth and a deliciously wicked grin creeps across His face.