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Wanton’s infidelity was hard and hurtful – but the year leading up to it was challenging, and lonely. My wife was (and is) my best friend.

Her depression and some poorly formed views on relationships had caused her to distance herself from me and our marriage.  In the three months that she was texting, calling and chatting with men, her attention was far, far away.

Before I even knew about the infidelity, I felt like I had lost her.  It was the loneliest time I can recall in the past 10 years of my life.  I was strongly considering packing up and heading out.

Now, she demonstrates a more matured and refined view of love and realizes it’s an active process and not just a random sensation that one experiences or not. She knows she has to invest herself in it and us.

For years now, she has been (and is) my best friend and I really missed her.  I’m glad that our friendship is back in place!

The Wanton Husband

~ ily2mylove