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Holy crap-a-rolies!  10,000 views!  Thanks gang!  I know for some folks their blogs hit 10k a day or even a week.  But hey, for this little blogger ‘10,000 all-time views’ is pretty monumental!

Of course, my Husband casually remarked,  “You know, if that was an e-book and you sold each copy for $1, we could have bought our tickets to visit Europe.”

So dear readers my new mission is two-fold; keep the blog fresh and fun AND write that e-book, so we can visit Ireland.

Thank you so much to everyone who has perved our blog!  We’ll try to keep up with interesting posts and hopefully you’ll continue to read them.

Thank You!  Cheers!  Grazie!  Salamat!  Merci!  Danke!  Mahalo!  Arigato!  Toda!  Kamsa Hamaida!  Obrigado!  Spasiba!  Gracias!  Tack!  Do Jeh!  Ta very much!

p.s. just added a new feature ‘rate this’ on the site.  So, if you dig something, please be sure to rate it.  thanks!