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It seems everyone and their brother has some sort of bucket list. Heck, one of my fave bloggers posts about the places she travels to, some destinations definitely on my travel bucket list.

So i thought i would get caught up in the hoopla and post my own Bucket List, with a twist…sorta.

Below is an itemized checklist of 75 things i would like to do with my Husband. A Sexual Bucket List, if you will. The things we have tried and enjoyed are crossed off and if i’ve blogged about it (or will blog about it), they will be linked.

If you are feeling so inclined, share your top 5 in the comments below.



  1. Heavy petting while fully clothed without orgasming
  2. Have anal sex
  3. Have very rough sex [read]
  4. Have very gentle sex [read]
  5. Have sex without foreplay
  6. Have sex standing up
  7. Have sex kneeling [read]
  8. Have sex in broad daylight [read]
  9. Have sex pitch black, under the stars out doors
  10. Have sex with most of our clothes on
  11. Have sex with one article of clothing on
  12. Have sex without kissing
  13. Have extremely quiet sex, with my Husband’s hand over my mouth
  14. Have extremely loud sex
  15. Have sex without orgasm [read]
  16. Have my hair pulled during sex, while on my knees
  17. Change positions multiple times during sex
  18. Orgasm at the same time
  19. Have sex and videotape it
  20. Have sex at a movie theater
  21. Give my Husband a blow job in the car [read]
  22. Have sex on a balcony or porch
  23. Have sex on an airplane
  24. Have sex in the shower
  25. Have sex on the kitchen counter/table
  26. Have sex bent over the arm of the couch
  27. Have sex in the woods
  28. Have sex in the bed of a pick up truck
  29. Have sex in an elevator
  30. Have cybersex
  31. Have sex on a building’s roof
  32. Have sex in my parent’s house
  33. Find our favorite vibrator
  34. Discover a brand new dildo that my Husband loves to use on me
  35. Get some Ben Wa Balls and use them
  36. Get a Kegel Exerciser and use it
  37. Try Anal Beads
  38. Buy some lingerie with my Husband
  39. Wear wrist and/or ankle cuffs during a scene
  40. Get a blindfold and wear it [read]
  41. Get a corset and wear it
  42. Wear nipple clamps
  43. Get a sexy pair of shoes or boots and wear them while being fucked
  44. Use household items as kinky toys
  45. Use an unconventional sex toy, such as ginger[read Round 1] [read Round 2]
  46. Play with my Husband while in costume
  47. Be spanked with a belt by my Husband [read]
  48. Be spanked with a hairbrush by my Husband [read]
  49. Be spanked with a flogger by my Husband
  50. Be spanked with a paddle by my Husband
  51. Watch porn with my Husband [read]
  52. Be forced by my Husband to cum several times in a row [read]
  53. Learn how to belly dance for my Husband
  54. Get an informative sex-related book and read it
  55. Blog/write about Our sexuality [read]
  56. Learn about the Kama Sutra and try it
  57. Get erotic photographs taken of us
  58. Learn how to give my Husband an erotic massage
  59. Learn how to cum from gspot manipulation with my Husband
  60. Subscribe to an erotic magazine and read it with my Husband
  61. Trim or shave my pubic hair for my Husband
  62. Discover the art of rope bondage and have by breasts bound
  63. Role Play (Student/Teacher, Boss/Secretary)
  64. Learn to cum in under 30 seconds, while my Husband watches [read]
  65. Have my pussy spanked by my Husband [read]
  66. Have a vibrator in my pussy and arse while He fucks my mouth [read]
  67. Have my breasts spanked by my Husband
  68. Experience some form of sensory deprivation (blindfold or earplugs)
  69. Every 48 hours my Husband spanks my arse
  70. Orgasm 10 times in one day with my Husband
  71. Be bound to the bed while being fucked by my Husband [read]
  72. Masturbate and cum while my Husband watches [read]
  73. Be spanked until i cry uncontrollably [read]
  74. Gagging on my Husband’s cock until my mascara runs
  75. Act out my Husband’s wildest fantasy (as yet to be determined)