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Sir and i were watching porn together, more details in Lesson #4: Never Watch Porn Alone.  Suddenly He flips me onto my front and covers my body with His.  The full weight of Him presses me tight against the mattress and it’s a bit tough to breathe.

“This is what’s gonna happen.”  He hisses.

“I’m going slide your green vibrator into your arse.  Then I’m going to get your pink vibrator and fuck your pussy with it.”

A moan of excitement escapes me.

He continues, “And you’re just going to take it, like a good girl.”

A fiendish chuckle erupts from Him as He slides His weight off of me.  It takes all of my self control not to writhe with glee.

Sir returns to the bed with our naughty little bag of tricks.

“Get up onto your knees.”  He commands.

Lovingly, He caresses my bottom.  His hands rubbing my twinned globes.  Mischievously He presses the pad of His finger against my tight little hole.  He slides His finger persistently deeper into my arse.  The craving for more multiplies and i obscenely push back against Him.

He abruptly stops.  Pulls out the green vibrator, squirts a small amount of lube onto it and slowly works it into my tight arse.  i whimper as the vibrator sinks into me.  Sir’s unyielding, firm pressure causes the toy to slide completely inside of me, filling me.

Unless you have felt it, it is virtually impossible to describe the exquisite pleasure of having your arse taken.  The fullness.  The pressure.  The lasciviousness.  For me, knowing i’m doing something so lewd and dirty as anal sex is such a supreme turn on.  Even thinking and writing about it right now makes me wet.

Sir shallowly pumps my tight rosebud with my alien-green vibrator, causing me to whine for more.  As promised, once the first vibrator is ensconced up my arse, Sir grabs my pink vibrator and resolutely forces it into me.

my tight pussy pulses and quivers as Sir propels the pink vibrator deeper into my soaked pussy.  The sensation of being completely filled is delicious torture.  As pleasure surges through me, my knees sink and my body slumps toward the mattress.

“Move over onto your back.”  Sir instructs.

While i turn over, Sir leans forward and places my blindfold on me.  As He secures it into place, i am plunged into darkness.  my other senses begin to take over as i submit further to Him.

He resumes His hedonistic ministrations, seesawing each vibrator rhythmically.  Catapulting me deeper into desire.  my body tightens as i begin the journey toward climax.  Sir takes my hand and urges me to rub my clit.  All too willingly i oblige.

my index and middle finger search out and find my slick little pearl.  Each rub causes my arse and pussy to clench around the invading vibrators.  The sensations are overwhelming and i’m lost in a carnal haze of lust.  Suddenly, i am perched on the edge, my body is alight and thirsty for release.

“Cum for me little girl.” He coaxes.

And with a few quick flicks of my fingers, i dive headlong into the abyss.  My sultry moans fill the room as i cum for Him.  Again and again.  While lost in orgasm, i fail to realize the moment He swaps the vibrator in my pussy for His cock.

His body swiftly covers mine.  Promptly, He pulls the blindfold off of me and my eyes flutter open.  With one hand He firmly holds the vibrator in my arse as He drives His rock hard shaft deeper into me.  Plunging.  Thrusting.  Ramming.

He is consumed with blind lust as He relentlessly pounds my tight little cunt.  Before too long, He slams into me with all of His might as He growls His release.  Stream upon stream of His hot sticky liquid spurts deep inside of me.  He continues to pump me.

At last, sated, he slumps down on top of me.  Blanketing me.  His breath ragged in my ears.  The culmination of our desire slowly seeping out of me.