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He lays on the the bed, stretched out watching me.  Sitting at the computer desk in our bedroom, i look over at Him.

“Bring your pussy here.”  He points to His face.

Pausing, unsure if i understand Him.  i tilt my head to one side and look at him quizzically.  A devilish smile creeps across His lips.

“Get up here.”  He directs.

“You’re going to do all the work.”  He raises an eyebrow and His gaze penetrates mine.

i clamber up, placing first my right knee, then my left knee on either side of His head.  His hands go to my hips and He pulls my open warmth to His waiting mouth.

His wet tongue slithers through my velvety folds, eliciting a moan from me.  Hearing His muffled groans encourages me.  i begin to grind against His mouth.  He alternates between pointing His tongue, flicking at my clit and flattening His tongue, lapping up my sweet moisture.

Again and again i rub myself by pushing my crotch against His face, whimpering my delight.  Promptly, He pushes me backward.  Moving me down His chest to His hard-on.

“Get on me and fuck yourself.”  He growls.

The tone in His voice makes me wetter and i eagerly obey.  i straddle His hips, aim His erection toward my expectant sex and slowly lower myself.  i can feel His cock stretch my tight little hole as i sink further onto Him.

When my pelvis meets His, i rock my hips forward and back.  As i grind against Him, my clit drags across His groin, making me moan with pleasure.  Leisurely, i start to move up and down His shaft.

Lifting myself up, His hardness nearly sliding out of me.  Dropping back onto Him swiftly, impaling myself on His rugged hardness.  The force of His cock slamming into me drives me wild and spurs me on.  Exuberantly i ride Him.

After a while, my knees chafe and for a brief moment i feel all of my 40 years.  i shift my weight and make a faint fussy sound.

A roguish grin appears at the corners of His mouth.

“You see how hard it is doing all the work?”  He teases.

my eyes narrow and i glower at Him.  To remind me of my place, He grabs my hips and thrusts upwards.  Roughly.  Robustly.  Resolutely.  Impressing His point upon me as He pistons into me.

“Gives you a new perspective doesn’t it?”

“Yes Sir” i simper.

At that precise moment, All i can think to myself is that i have truly learned my lesson.  I mustn’t be fussy.  As if reading my mind that i’ve learned my lesson, He rewards me by flipping me over onto my back.  And He begins His powerful thrusts anew.  Forcefully He plunges into me, compelling me to take every inch of His cock.

Fleetingly the ache of Him ramming against my cervix is too much to bear.  But i dare not whinge.  At last He climaxes deep within my pummeled pussy.  As He cums i softly repeat my mantra to myself, i won’t be fussy again.  i won’t be fussy again.  i won’t be fussy again.