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We were both a little worn out from the day as we fell into bed.  The moonlight streaming in through the windows illuminating our darkened room.  Laying on my side i see His naked form sprawled out next to me.  i curl into Him.  A soft sigh escapes His lips as His hand move to cup my breast.  He is gentle as He squeezes, as if molding a piece of clay.  Slowly He pinches my nipple between His thumb and forefinger.  I moan as both pleasure and pain slithers through my body.

Possessively His mouth covers mine and my lips instinctively part.  His tongue seductively explores my mouth as His fingers continue to tease me.  His body begins to move.  He breaks our kiss and glides down my body, only stopping when He is at eye level with my quivering femininity.  i spread my legs for Him, not wanting to deny Him anything.  He rains soft kisses across my silky mound as His hands grip my inner thighs to open me wider.  And then He dives in.

Expertly, He draws my little pearl into His hot mouth and suckles.  Blind desire rushes through my body and my hips push up against Him.  My hands slide through His hair as i grip His scalp, holding Him firmly against the heart of me.  His tongue begins to flick across my tight clit, causing me to grind my hips against His face.

My eyes close in ecstasy.  God i love it when He goes down on me.  The feel of His lips and tongue as He devours me is beyond divine.  And then suddenly i feel Him slide first one, then two fingers into my moist, snug passage.  i moan loudly as His fingers pump my tight hole.

“Cum for me little girl,”  He coaxes.

And all too willingly, i oblige.  my cries of lust grow louder as my core clenches around His fingers.  Wave after wave of hedonistic pleasure crashes over me.  His fingers relentlessly continue.

And in a flash it all seems to much for me to bear.  my hips buck against Him, trying to dislodge His mouth and His fingers.  But He persists with His delicious torture as my cries turn to shrieks.

“Hmmmm.” He groans as He laps at my succulent sex.  Only when He is sated does He stop.  My legs are still splayed apart when He climbs up to mount me.  His rock hardness effortlessly plunges into my sopping pussy.

“Mmmmm, you feel so good little girl.”  He compliments.

His pace quickens and all too soon His powerful thrusts send me over the edge.  It’s then i hear and feel His release.  With a guttural roar, His warmth floods into me as He grinds His hips against mine.

And i am lost in His arms again.  Knowing that my pleasure is His and in His pleasure i receive mine.