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Happy 2013 everyone!  Hope you rang in the new year with a bang!  ‘Tis the season for resolutions.  Below are the pledges, oaths and vows i make to my Husband.  And unlike the usual list of resolutions, these I WILL adhere to.

  • i will be honest with myself AND you my dear Husband
  • i work on being myself
  • i will continue therapy
  • i will not suck any other cock, other than yours, Husband
  • i will not flirt with men who aren’t my Husband, flirting erodes boundaries
  • i will maintain healthy boundaries with my nuclear family
  • i will remember that there is no such thing as being “just friends” with men
  • i will try not to berate myself
  • i will work on improving my health; preventative care, vitamins and exercise
  • we will work on building my self-confidence
  • i will eliminate ‘weasel speak’ from my writing and conversation
  • i will communicate clearly and honestly
  • i will give thanks, daily, for you in my life my darling Husband