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We spent the day visiting with relatives.  Drinking, eating and laughing.  It had been a while since we had one of these; a good day.

As we drove back to the city from the countryside, i was trying to think of some way or of some gesture for me to give my Husband/Sir as a thank you for such a wonderful day.

For a few moments i stare out of the window at the relatively deserted country road we’re driving along.  Then a sly little smile creeps across my face, i know what i can do.  I slip out of my seatbelt and lean across the seat bench of the truck, nearly prostrating myself next to His lap.  He grins at me as i unbuckle His seatbelt.

“What are you doing?”  He chuckles.

“Hmmm, you’ll see.”

He laughs again.  my hands move to the button of His jeans.  i fumble with the snap until it finally gives way.  Slowly i slide His zipper down, revealing His boxers beneath.  Sir lifts His hips and i pull down the clothing, leaving them to rest below His hips.

Leaning forward, trying to keep my balance as He continues to drive along the country road, i take Him into my mouth.  i pause, holding Him in my warm inviting mouth.  Feeling Him grow harder, inch by inch.

This is my favorite part of cock worship.  Those few precious moments you feel your Sir become erect in your mouth.  Knowing each flick, lick and suck gets Him so incredibly aroused, He can’t help but get hard for you.

Leisurely i swirl my tongue around the head as my lips move up and down His thickening shaft.  Enjoying the feel of Him and tasting the first few drops of precum.

Licking my lips while savoring His saltiness, i lean further forward.  His cock slipping into my mouth, the length of Him pressing against the back of my throat as His pubic hair tickles the tip of my nose.  i sharply inhale, drawing the scent of Him into me, fueling my desire.

He roughly moans His pleasure and my pace quickens.  In and out.  In and out.  His entire shaft engulfed then released by my hungry little mouth.  All the while my slippery tongue swirls along the underside of Him, flicking and teasing His rock hard cock.  Mmmmm, i could do this for hours.

Suddenly i feel His hand on my head, gently nudging me away.

“We’re close to the city little girl.  You need to sit up and put your seatbelt on.”

Petulantly i settle back into my seat as He pulls His pants back up.  He looks over at me, smiles and gives me a playful wink.  Waiting the next 10 minutes until we get home is going to feel so excruciatingly long.