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Sir and i were talking in bed.  He recalled the Wahl-gasm.  We were debating whether or not we could call it a ‘Wahl-gasm’ considering i didn’t exactly cum while using the Wahl, even though i had used it to ‘warm up’.

Musing out loud He asks how long would it take for me to cum, once given permission and would that be with or without the Wahl.  Cautiously, i guesstimate that i could cum within 60 seconds without the Wahl.  He raises an eyebrow and simply says, “Really?”

Seeing the twinkle in His eye, i know it’s on.  He instructs me to lift my skirt, take off my panties and spread my thighs.  i lean back against the bed, slide my hand to my mound and await further instruction.

“When I say go, you’ll have 30 seconds to cum.”

Panic reflects in my eyes and i see Him grin.



Impatient fingers slip between my folds.


Searching out my tender bud, i begin to rub.


Slowly circling, teasing, drawing out pleasure.  i try to empty my brain of all distracting thoughts and focus on Him watching me, which always turns me on.


For a brief moment i brazenly think why can’t He count softly, can’t He see i’m busy?  And at that instant, my head is out of the game. Dammit!


my fiendish little mind races.  Think.  i think of all the naughty things He’s done; making me gag on His cock as i suck Him, fingering me after He’s spanked me and His hand wrapped around my neck when i’m face down on the mattress as He slides into my arse.  Mmmm, that feels amazing.


Quietly to myself i ponder.  Mmmm, yesssss.  That’s it.  i desperately try to remember all the dirty names He’s used during a scene; whore, slut, fucktoy.  Ahhhh, yes.  Getting closer.


“You better hurry.”

i wish He wouldn’t distract me, losing my concentration.  Crap!


“Awww, too bad.”



He playfully teases me as i glower staring at the ceiling.  So close and yet so far.

“Well, i guess you’d better get cleaned up so we can go grocery shopping.”

Softly i whimper, like a wounded animal.  Then He leans in to kiss me.  He skims His hand over my breasts, down my belly and over my tender mound.  His fingers lovingly slide between my slick folds and i gasp, closing my eyes.

“Hmmmm, so wet.”  He says.  Leisurely He strokes, in and out.  In and out.

“It’s a shame you couldn’t cum little girl.  Maybe we should try again.”

Feverishly i nod yes, “Please Sir?”

He begins counting.


His fingers penetrate deeper into me, filling me completely, stretching me.  And i moan with delight.


my fingers slither within my moisture as i resume rubbing my taut clit.


His fingers keep a steady firm pressure, pumping my tight, wet cunt.


Loud moans escape me as my hips grind against Him and my fingers flick faster.  I wonder to myself, is He counting faster?  Dammit!  Focus!


Closing my eyes again i clear my mind and let my body take control.  Focusing on the hedonistic pleasure consuming my body.


Lust surges through me as i hurl towards orgasm.  So close.  Mmmmm, yes.


And then suddenly i feel myself fall over the edge as a seductive heat radiates through me and i cum.  But the feeling is abruptly halted.



Sneakily i try to rub my clit a few more times to try to ride out my orgasm, but He knows me all too well.  He brusquely pulls His fingers out of me.

“I said stop!  Quit rubbing your clit little girl!”

It feels like my body is even tighter than before we started playing.  Every fiber screaming out for more.  Quietly i murmur my protest.  He kisses my forehead and compliments me.

“Good girl, you did say under a minute.”

As i roll over and try to catch my breath, He playfully swats my bare bottom.

“Go get cleaned up little girl so we can go grocery shopping.”

Walking towards the bathroom i look over my shoulder at Him, He’s still sitting on the bed, and i see a smug grin creep across His face.

i can’t help but smile myself, knowing i have pleased my loving Dominant.