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It was one of those afternoons.  Chores and errands completed and i found myself lounging on the bed reading.  It wasn’t the newest best-seller, or even thought provoking stuff, it was smut; similar to the stuff i write – erotica.

With each paragraph and page turn, i could feel desire slowly creep over me.  During a few of the steamy scenes i briefly contemplated touching myself, but that would be a big no-no.  I didn’t have permission from Him.

Just as i think i’m going to have to sheepishly ask to masturbate, Sir walks into the room.  We lock eyes and without a word, He knows.  He grins and winks at me.

“Keep reading little girl.”

He smoothly slides onto the bed next to me.  His body stretching out against mine.

“Yes Sir.  Should i read out loud?”

“No.  I can read over your shoulder.”

i find my place in the book and resume reading.  The main characters are engaged in a hot spanking scene which concludes with rough sex and a lot of nipple play.  A panty-soaking storyline.  Very arousing.

As we read, i can hear Sir’s breath quicken.  His hands begin to roam my soft curves.  Patiently He unbuttons my top, frees a breast and swiftly sucks the nipple into His mouth.  I stop reading to look down at Him.  Our eyes lock and He grins, raising an eyebrow.  i close my eyes and delight in feeling His mouth on me, sucking, drawing, teasing.

“Keep reading little girl.”

my eyes flutter open and i try to refocus on the book.  His mouth is so warm and so wet and i’m having a very hard time finding my place.  my concentration flees me completely when His fingers slide into my eager, damp pussy.

“Oh Sir, that feels so good.” i moan.

“Hmmmmm, keep reading little girl.”

Desperately i try to pick up my place in the book, my eyes flitting over the text half-heartedly.  Between the feel of His mouth and His fingers, my body edges dangerously closer to the abyss.

“Oh Sir, i think i’m going to cum.”

“Hmmmmm, good.”  his eyes wickedly flash up at mine.

“Oh Sir, may i?”

“Yes you may, little girl.”

As His mouth re-clamps over my turgid nipple, His expert fingers swirl and pump further into my tight cunt.  And it begins, the pulsing, the clenching and my cumming.  Indistinguishable noises erupt from me as lust overtakes me.  i buck wildly against Him while we ride out the las vestiges of my pleasure together.

“Hmmmm, good girl.”

He leans in to kiss me, His mouth claiming mine possessively.  i sink back against the coverlet, languishing in the knowledge that i am His to do with as He pleases.  And only His.  For all eternity.