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After my shower, i sit down at the computer and start to work on O/our blog.  Answering emails, updating posts, editing audio clips.  He walks into the room and stands behind my chair.  All of the hair on the back of my neck stands at attention, in that uniquely lovely delicious way in which only He can do.

“In a few minutes, you’re going to get the bed ready.”  He instructs.

“Get out your Wahl massager, your pink toy and your cuffs.  You are going to show me what a Wahl orgasm looks like.”

With that, He kisses the top of my head and walks out of the bedroom.  Quickly i scramble around looking for the items and proceed to prepare the bed.  Once ready, i wait, presenting myself to Him when He reenters the room.

“Good girl.  Get on the bed, face up.”

As i lay back, He straps me in but loosens the slack on my wrists so i can hold the Wahl massager.

Next, He sits at the edge of the bed, i open my legs, bending my knees, displaying myself to Him.

“Use your fingers to spread your lips.  Show me your beautiful little pussy.”

Both of my hands swiftly obey, opening my soft pink folds to His view.

“Good girl.  Pull on your lips.”

As i obey, i can feel my depths moisten.  Under His gaze, my sex unfurls like a flower for Him.

“Now, hold yourself open with one hand and with the other grab the Wahl.”

Eagerly, i follow His orders.  As i place the tip of the massager above my clit, i switch it on.

A faint sigh escapes me as the gentle whirring of the massager teases my sensitive little pearl.

“Hmmmm, good girl.”

my hips start to undulate as i move the massager.  At first i circle my hard tiny nub.  Every so often i drag the tip of the Wahl over the taut bead of flesh, sending a jolt of pleasure throughout my body.  Murmurs of pleasure escape my lips.

“Do you want your pink vibrator little girl?”

Without a second thought, I hastily reply, “Yes, please Sir.”

And He hands it to me.  To moisten the vibrator, i open my mouth and fellate the rigid device, much to my Sir’s pleasure.

“Ah, good girl.  Slide it inside of you, slowly.”

All too fervently i do as i’m told.  At first i am met with a little resistance, but i persist, steadily sliding the vibrator into my tight velvety passage.  Inch by inch, it sinks into me and i feel a warmth spread across my body.

i close my eyes and enjoy the desire rushing through me.  The massager softly humming as i continue to play, excite and tease my tight little bud.  Each stroke of the vibrator compels me closer to climax, but the incessant motorized rubbing keeps me on edge and just shy of release.

Sensing i am close He inquires, “Would you like to cum little girl?”

“Yes Sir, but the massager is too much stimulation and i can’t quite orgasm.”

“Ah, I see.”  He muses.

i keep up my pace with the vibrator and the Wahl, mewling my pleasure, all the while desperately hoping He’ll allow me to use my fingers and cum.

After a few moments He asks, “Would you like to use your fingers?”

“Oh, yes please Sir.”

“Alright, you may.”  As He gives His consent, He takes hold of the vibrator and resumes fucking me with it.

“Thank you Sir.”  I whine.  My right hand speedily abandons the massager and with enthusiastic fingers i begin to flick my clit.

“Hmmm, you’re so wet.”  He comments.

“Thank you Sir.”

“It likes to be fucked, doesn’t it little girl?”

“Mmmm, yes it does Sir…may i cum?”  I softly beg.

“No.  Not yet.”

Knowing i’m drifting into the painful pleasure stage, He slows His pace and thrusts the vibrator unhurriedly in and out of me.  Long deliberately delicious strokes.  And it’s all of the sudden too much to bear and i softly beg again.

“Sir, may i cum.” i whine.


All i can think is Oh God, please let me cum.  After what seems like forever, He finally relents.

“You may cum little girl.”

“Thank you Sir, thank you!”

And with a blinding speed my nimble fingers flick my stiff little clit propelling me towards orgasm.  And all at once i’m shaking, convulsing and shrieking.  Wave after wave comes crashing down over me.  my mind goes completely blank as pleasure rakes my entire body.  And i can hear Him mutedly chuckle and say,

“So that’s what a Wahl-gasm looks like.”