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my Husband/Sir dislikes the term ‘vanilla sex’ and i try to reassure Him that in my mind it is not derogatory.  While others may use it to judge, i use it to refer to uncomplicated, classic sex.  It’s the starting point.  For me it’s the genesis of lovemaking.

And it’s a lot like cooking a stew.  You start with the main ingredients, toss them together and let them boil down into a hearty rue.  You could stop there and have a pretty tasty dish.  But if you’re feeling or desiring something a bit more, you add more.

Vanilla is what everyone starts out with sexually and then as they experience other things they discover what other activities are in the world and add on the kink.

Before i get wrapped up in this particular train of thought, what i wanted to write about and share is the slow and sensual coupling W/we shared – minus the kink.

i almost next to never make the first move.  my little submissive mind has a problem with computing that action.  But what helped me get over it was my Husband/Sir instructing me (a few says ago) to initiate every now and again.  It was His desire, His wish, His need and His command.

After our showers, we readied for bed.  Lying there we talked and laughed about random things, keeping it light.  The conversation drifted to a lull and it looked like Sir was falling asleep.  A little disappointed, i almost just rolled over to go to sleep.  But then i had remembered Sir’s instruction to initiate.

Quietly, i move forward and snuggle into Him.  Shyly i slide a hand down His chest, my target in full view.  my hand brushes across His slumbering manhood, feeling the downy softness.

His breath catches in His throat and i silently smile to myself.  I wriggle my body down His.  Kissing across and down His chest, the fine dusting of hair there tickles my nose.  my hand continues to fondle Him as i make my way down His body, finally resting my head on His lower abdomen.

His right hand reaches up and caresses my hair, leisurely pulling through my silky tresses.  Leaning forward i take the tip of Him into my mouth and suckle Him.  We lay like this for a while, my mouth wrapped around Him as His hands stroke my hair.

His hardness grows.  His desire demands my full attention.  i turn onto my knees and lap up His initial arousal.  Closing my eyes i savor His salty sweetness.  My lips, mouth and tongue lavishly entreat Him for more.  His member thickens and plunges vigorously into my mouth.  Softly i moan my excitement around His shaft.

His breath sharpens and He pulls me off of Him.

“Get onto your back.”  He directs.

As my head touches the mattress, He moves up over me, covering my body with His.  He looks deeply into my eyes and patiently sinks into me, inch by inch.  i have to fight the urge to coerce Him into savagely taking me.  Knowing that He needs this, satisfyingly slow, savoring each other.

We continue this way until we’ve each had our fill.  Finally our bodies come to rest, His on top of mine and we lay there.  Eyes refocussing, smiles emerging, adoration redeveloping.  i pause for a moment, basking in Him.  Knowing He possesses my heart, mind, body and soul.