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You may have noticed on the right side of my blog there are a bunch of pin-up girls.  Those were done by Gil Elvgren, one of my most favorite pin-up artists.  First of all let me say all photos of Mr. Elvgren’s work on my page are courtesy of thepinupfiles.com, gilelvgren.com, and vintage.eroticvisions.eu thank you.

What i like most about Mr. E’s style is that ALL of his women have an innate sense of confidence and sensuality.  Plus he and they have a sense of humor and lightness about sexuality.

What boggles my mind is that within a 40 year period Mr. Elvgren produced over 500 paintings; in essence one painting (most likely oil on canvas) a month.  That’s in addition to everything else He was doing.

One of the really fabulous things about the pin-ups are, Mr. Elvgren always used a real-life female model.  He would photograph her posing in a particular way, then use the photo to create his masterpiece.  One of the things i adore about it is, he tranfers his model’s charming personality from photo to canvas.

I could fawn over Mr. Elvgren all day…  Anyway, if you want to know more, visit the site dedicated to him.  Oh and, below are a few of Mr. Elvgren’s paintings and the photographs of the ladies who posed for him.

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