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A rustling noise comes from the foot of the bed.  Upon further inspection it turns out to be one of our little ‘fur babies’ searching for a more comfortable spot.

Following her lead, i roll over onto my right side facing away from where my Husband/Sir sleeps.  Closing my eyes, i drift off hoping to enjoy another hour or two before our morning routine begins.

Slowly i feel Sir’s hand glide up over the curve of my hip, coming to rest on my left breast.  His body spoons me from behind as He possessively pulls me into Him.  His breath is warm and inviting as it caresses the nape of my neck.  With each gentle squeeze of my breast, i feel my core contract and moisten.  my hips instinctively sway and nudge back against Him.  Silently encouraging, pleading with, Him to continue.

His grip on me tightens and i realize this will be quick and is meant for His pleasure only.  He growls and flips me onto my front.  Roughly He lifts my nighty, exposing  my soft welcoming bottom.  His palms massage my firm globes and then suddenly *smack*

His ragged breath sounds almost like a snarl as He deftly parts my thighs and plunges into me.  His intrusion catches me off guard and i loudly whimper.  Prone, with my face pressed firmly against the mattress my desire builds.  Knowing i am His to be taken when ever, where ever and how ever He chooses makes my body (and heart) sing.

His vigorous and forceful thrusts stoke the fires within me for Him.  Shamelessly i shove my hips back against Him, begging to be fucked harder.  Another growl escapes Him and His hand expertly wraps around the nape of my neck, silently commanding me to be still.  This is for Him, not me.

Abruptly He slams into me with all of His might and roars, emptying into me.  My body eagerly receives His warmth as it floods deep inside me.  And then He collapses, the full weight of Him pressing against me.  As if informing me of His control and mastery over my body.  And i sigh with contentment, knowing i have obediently pleased my Sir.