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i wake up to my Husband/Sir spooning me from behind.  His left arm draped possessively over my waist, pulling me back against Him.  Softly i sigh and press my bottom against His swelling phallus.

His hands cup and knead my breasts, patient at first then becoming rougher.  A sedate moan escapes my lips as i continue to wake from slumber.  He pushes His hips forcefully against my supple bottom.  He then turns me onto my front with Him rolling on top of me.  He grinds savagely against me, forcing my face and body further into the mattress.

He growls with lust and continues to hump against my softness.  His strong arms move me and flip me onto my back.  His body again slides up over mine.  Covering me. Encompassing me.  Dominating me.  i feel that familiar tingling deep inside of me, as my sex yearns to surrender to His hardness.

Dutifully i open myself to Him.  Spreading my legs wider, offering Him further access to my femininity.  Again He grinds against me, rubbing His erection against my hungry flesh.  Stopping, He places a restrained chaste kiss on my lips and says, “I have to get to work.”

He slowly and deliberately drags his body off of mine.  But stops and lifts the hem of my nighty revealing my warm soft, aching sex.  i hear Him breathe deeply, luxuriating in my scent.  He groans loudly and lowers Himself to my damp mound.  His tongue slips between my bare lips.

He laps up my sweet moisture while seeking out my shy little pearl.  He flicks it, making me quake beneath Him.  my hips instinctively lift and i sensually rub against His magnificent mouth.  Wantonly begging for more.

Unexpectedly He stops.  Without a word He unbuttons his trousers, pushes them down and slides into me.  i whimper at His sudden intrusion and spread my thighs wider for Him.  He thrusts again and again into my softness as if to get deeper into my dripping pussy.  His full weight against me, trapping me beneath Him, pinning me to the mattress.  Leisurely He continues to plunge within my soft folds, as if savoring the sensation, savoring me.

And again He stops, pulls out and faintly sighs.

Confused, i implore, “Don’t you want to cum in your pussy Sir?”

He softly chuckles, “Yes, but I have to get to work little girl.”

He tenderly strokes my mound, petting me.

“Does my little girl want to cum?”  He asks.

i hesitate for a brief moment.  Thinking, i would love to cum.  But i also love it when He purposefully edges me.  Making my body tight, lustful and needy for Him.  Hmmm, a wanton little sub’s dilemma.  i look up at Him, and His eyes ask the question again.

i softly reply, “Yes Sir.”

“With your fingers?”  He inquires.

Shyly i blush and say “Yes Sir.”

“Alright.”  He approves.

As His fingers slither into my slick cunt, my left hand advances toward my clit.  And i rub.  Within minutes i’m on the edge and ready to cum for Him.  I look into His eyes and He smiles his consent.  i obey.

i feel the hedonistic wave wash over me.  My eyes close, my toes curl and my fingers continue to fiddle my hard little nub.  Moans, gasps and squeals fill the room as my orgasm overtakes me.

His fingers continue to probe within me as the tremors fade away.  Fatigued, my arm drops to my side and my body relaxes.  He glides His body back up onto mine to passionately kisses me.

“I have to get to work,”  He reminds.  He kisses me again.

As He walks out of O/our bedroom i softly murmur, “i love you.”

i lay back against the firm mattress, enjoying the afterglow of the pleasure He lovingly granted me.  Silently i smile to myself and whisper to the fates, “Thank you.  i’m a very lucky little girl to be His.”