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Walking out of Yoga class i turn my mobile back on, one text message.  It’s from my Husband/Sir.  It reads; I’m going to take a shower.  When you get home you are going to suck my cock.

A delicious shiver creeps across my body, i can almost feel Him in my mouth.  Mmmmm, i love it when He gets authoritative in texts.  The drive back home feels like it takes longer than usual.  Shifting in my seat, my thighs rub together pressing against my eager sex.

As i pull into the driveway, i unfasten my hair and let it fall down over my shoulders.  He likes it when my Hair is loose and He can slide His hands through my dark wavy locks while i suck Him.

Quickly i scamper up the drive, through the house and into our bedroom.  He’s waiting on the bed, nude.  i strip off my top and change my bra.  He looks as me, puzzled.  The bright pink under-wire bra moulds my curves perfectly.  i slip the cups under my breasts, a make-shift shelf bra, making them look fuller and higher and easily accessible to Him.

Making eye contact with Him i glance at the pillow next to Him, silently asking for permission.  He nods and i place it on the floor, near the edge of the bed, in front of Him.  Gracefully i kneel before Him.  Lips parted, hands on my thighs, patiently waiting.  Again He nods.

I rub my heavy breasts along the tops of His thighs, and then along His manhood.  Leaning down, i kiss the tip of Him and then move to his scrotum.  Licking softly, i gently take His balls into my mouth.  my tongue laving over them, caressing, teasing, and fondling.

Looking up at Him O/our eyes meet.  i place my hands lovingly on the tops of His thighs.  i release Him and flatly slide my tongue along the base of Him, to the tip.  Hearing Him sigh contentedly, i wrap my lips around the head and pause there for a moment.  my warm, wet mouth holding Him.  my tongue leisurely swirling around His head.

Inch by inch, my lips slide down His shaft to the root of His cock, taking Him completely into my mouth.  Gently i suck Him and feel Him grow thicker, the tip of His cock hitting the back of my throat.  Unhurriedly i slide His shaft out of my mouth as i continue to suck and draw upon Him.  The head of His cock making a soft popping noise as it springs free from my persistent mouth.

A warmth spreads through my body as my arousal grows.  i always love the way He feels in my mouth; hot, hard, and unyielding.  i adore being on my knees for Him.  Admiring Him.  Devoting myself to Him.  Hearing how His breath gets uneven and heavy as my mouth grips Him.  Desire starts to pool within my velvety folds as my body aches for Him to fill me.

And i repeat my ministrations, my worship.  Again and again and again.  Until His hips move up against me and His hands grab fistfuls of my hair.  He makes muted grunting noises as He forces my head down, taking His cock deep into my throat.  I gag.  He smiles.  He does it again.  We repeat this lascivious dance until tears prick against my eyes.

He growls, “Get up.  Take off your bra.  Lay across my lap.”

Obediently i follow His instructions.  Once across His lap, He peels my panties off of my derriere and lets them rest around the tops of my thighs.  One arm holds me close against His lap and i can feel His erection nudging against my abdomen.  With His free hand He gropes my bottom, squeezing gently.

And then a steady stream of *smack* *smack* *smack* *smack* *smack*

my bottom grows warmer under His disciplined touch.  Each spank eliciting a cry of pain, quickly followed by a moan of pleasure.

Feeling His throbbing manhood prod my belly makes my silky channel riper for Him.  The familiar craving for His member echoes through me.

Breaking me out of my erotic trance, His palms strike my arse cheeks even harder and sharper.  *smack* *smack* *smack* *smack* *smack*

For a brief moment i think this may be too much, i’m too close to the edge.  Suddenly His pace slows to a stop.  my backside stings and feels hot.  His nails rake across my reddened tender flesh and i gasp.  He pauses and takes a drag off of His e-cig, appreciating His handiwork.

“I wanted to stop before I pushed you over the edge.” He says.

“You need to clearly hear what I am going to say.”

“You are my little girl,”  He says lovingly.

“And I will always care for and protect you.”

His palms gently stroke my bottom.

“I want you to be happy.  I want to be with you always.  Do you think you could be happy growing old with me?”

“Yes Sir.  i so want to please you, be with you and make you happy.”

i begin to weep, “i love you!”

“I love you too little girl,”  He soothes.  He leans forward to place soft affectionate kisses across my freshly spanked bottom.

While His hands didn’t push me over the edge, His words did.  my tears flow freely, cascading down my cheeks.  my body shakes and convulses with each lamenting sob.

To hear Him say these words, these things, and truly mean it.  Especially after all i’ve put Him through makes me feel like such a contemptible person.  But it also makes me feel hopeful, that after everything, He can still see the scared sweet little girl who wants to please Him.  And who loves Him tremendously.