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“Do you want to fuck tonight?”  He casually asks.

“yeah, but if you’re tired Sir it’s okay.” i opine.

“No, I’m not tired.  What are you prepared to do for me?” He arches an eyebrow.

“um, i don’t know.  What ever you want me to do Sir.” i bat my eyelashes at Him.

“No.  What are you going to do?” He sternly replies.

Crap, i think i just pissed Him off.  So not what i wanted or intended.

He continues,  “This dick is not for free.”

He points to his crotch, “This is some good dick.  I’m not saying this to boost my ego.  But you do realize the level of commitment I’ve made to you.  And providing for you doesn’t come cheap.”  His gaze burning into mine.

He says anew, “So again, what are you going to do for it?”

Considering my options, i slowly peel my clothes off of me.  Standing there nude i ask if i can have my cuffs back.  (Still working on Lost My Cuffs – will post soon)  He obliges and helps me put them on.  First my ankles, then my wrists.

i don’t know what it is exactly about them which makes me feel special.  All i know is when i’m wearing them i feel beautiful, sexy, submissive and normal.

Slowly i make my way over to the bed, first grabbing my alien green vibrator and Wahl massager.  i lay back against the pillows and seductively spread my legs for Him.  He drags the computer desk chair closer to the bed.  He sits down, drink in one hand and e-cig in the other.

i hear Him take a deep draw off of the cigarette as my hand snakes down between my thighs.  Gilding over my belly, stopping at the top of my mound.  Our eyes meet and i wantonly spread my lips revealing my pink folds to His gaze.  Another long drag on His cigarette.

“Very nice,” He purrs.

“Thank you Sir,” i proudly reply.

As my right hand holds myself open to Him, my left hand flicks the switch of the massager and moves it toward my damp furrow.  Knowing He is watching is such a huge turn on.  i notice i’m extremely damp and i haven’t even starting ‘playing’ yet.

i proceed to put on a show for Him.  Teasing my hard little bud with the massager, while penetrating myself with the vibrator.  Only after His explicit instruction and permission, was i allowed to cum.

At one point i accidentally whimper my protest to cumming for a third time, my little pearl is hyper-sensitive and too tender.  He glowers at me and says, “You’re done, when I say you’re done.”

And with that He stands up, grabs the vibrator from my hand and proceeds to mercilessly fuck me with it.  As He does so He commands, “Rub that clit.  You better come again for me.  Now!”

Hearing His words, and feeling Him plunging the vibrator into me, i squeal with pleasure as i cum again.  And again.  And Again.  And Again.  i lost count at how many orgasms He rips from my body.  Each one stronger than the one before, reminding me i am His plaything, His pet, His little cum whore.

Once He is satisfied, He undresses and joins me on the bed.  Kneeling between my thighs, He secures my ankle cuffs to the harness.  Stretching out over my body on top of me, He then fastens my wrist cuffs.

“Let’s see if I can get one more out of you.”

And then His body slides down mine and His mouth clamps tightly over my slick mound.  i buck wildly against Him, futile really, as my restraints kept me where He wants me.  my flesh far too sensitive, it almost feels painful to climax again.  But just as i thought i couldn’t do it, His lips, mouth and tongue whips my body into such a frenzy, i yelp and cum again.  And again.  And again.

With tears in my eyes, He finally relents.  Climbing up my body, He slides into me with one strong thrust.  He pauses there for a moment enjoying my firm vice-like grip.

“Mmmmm, you feel so tight and soft little girl,” He whispers.

Softly i mumble, “thank you Sir.”

And then He was in search of His release.  He chest rigid against mine as His hips grind and slam into me.  Again and again.  A naughty smile crosses my lips as i delight in feeling His body dominating and demanding against mine.  Surrendering to His need and His desire to master my entire body – wholly.

As i start to get lost in my own lust for Him, He lets out a roar.  Filling me with His warm, sticky seed.  His pelvis grinding into mine, as if drawing every last bit of pleasure from His release.

Our breathing slowly returns to normal as we lay there enjoying the closeness.  His body still on and inside of me.  My eyes close and i revel in our tranquility.  Feeling protected, contented and exceedingly adored.              i love you my darling.