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A couple of days ago i called my mother to check on her and the conversation turned into a 2 hours fight/discussion.  After the call i was wrung out emotionally and Sir could sense that.  He gave me some space, emotionally, to deal.

Tonight i was still a little off.  He must have sensed it because without warning He instructed me to pull down my shorts and panties exposing my full derriere.  He laved a few strokes onto my bottom and then *smack* *smack* *smack*

This went on for quite some time.  Slowly, resolutely, His spanks grew harder.  At which point my nervous giggles erupted.  When very anxious or brittle i nervously giggle like a loon.

“Are you giggling,” He quizzed.

This did not please Sir.  To drive His point home of how serious He was, sharp, smarting spanks rained down across my arse cheeks.  The duality of the pain and pleasure swiftly faded and all i felt was a stinging throb.

“Are you done laughing?”  He barked.

i whimpered my sorrow at ever having made a peep.  The spanks continued, relentlessly.

*smack* *smack* *smack* *smack* *smack*

For a brief moment he paused and asked, “More?”

“yes Sir,” i whined.

And He continued. *smack* *smack* *smack*

i could feel my bottom grow warmer, hot even, as His palms persistently slapped against my aching flesh.  The blood rushing to my face as i heaved sob after sob, uncontrollably letting the frustration and sadness of the last few days go.  Each wallop seemed to chip away at all of the negativity i had been holding on to.

As my wailing grew louder He asked, “Have you had enough?”

“yes Sir.”

And the spanking stopped, but the mournful crying continued.  His body moved to lay beside me.  His hands rubbing my back soothingly.  This amazingly lovingly gentle petting continued until the last woeful tear fell.

“I love you my little girl.”  He whispered into my ear.

“You’re my beautiful little girl.”

Shudders wracked my body as His soft words washed over me.  There were many more things He affectionately whispered, but it seems too crass to list them.  But what he did say, made me feel loved, cherished and treasured.  God how i love this man.