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KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAAs i have gotten older, i have noticed that my nipples have become more sensitive, but not my breasts.  Let me clarify.

Nowadays when my Husband/Sir touches, pinches, licks, sucks or nibbles my nipples i can feel it deep in my core.  The dampness between my thighs amplifies greatly.  When i was younger i rarely felt that delicious feeling.  So in that regard my nipples are way more sensitive.

Before, many years ago, i shirked away from too much breast play – the aggressively rough feeling leaving me cold .  But over the last few years my breasts have been able to take more pressure.


When Sir squeezes them or binds them it’s such a luscious feeling.  Especially watching them turn pink and then a deep shade of mauve.  Again, that familiar warmth spreads through my nether region.

As of late we have added clothespins, wooden pegs, into our playtime.  And talk about exquisite pleasure.  i’m getting wet thinking about it.

I have just a word of warning in using pins/pegs.  Only use the plastic ones if you are highly advanced.  Those little critters have a tight metal coil forcing the two little clips together.  Not to mention it has sharp grooves along it, which bite into the skin.  Again, for the advanced crowd.


I would suggest the ‘old-fashioned’ wooden ones.  They provide the right amount of pressure and a nipple fits perfectly into that little divot close to the base.  But a word of caution, mind the metal spring.  If you buy the inexpensive ones, from a big box store, they have a higher potential of coming apart.

What happens is, through movement the wooden bits slide loose from the metal spring.  And once those little wooden slats are free of the spring, there’s nothing between your delicate little nipple and cold hard metal.   *shriek*

btw: in the pics, that’s us