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Today was a decent day.  There were tears, but we were not needing huge sobs of grief.

We had a pleasant meal.  I think for the first time in weeks our stomachs were settled enough and we could tuck in.  After, we talked about moving forward and plans for the future.  It felt as if some of the great sadness which has clung to us was finally beginning to lift a bit.

As we finally settled into bed we both let out a big sigh of relief, contented to be in each other’s arms.  His arms wrapped tightly around me.  i softly whispered, “please never let me go, physically or figuratively.”

We giggled for a bit and then He slowly started to caress my body.  His palms settling on my breasts .  His fingers deftly teasing my nipples.

Our breathing steadily grew faster.  Hands, mouths and bodies rubbing against each other.  Desire and passion overtakes us like a fever.

At long last He sinks His entire length into my tight wet depths.  We linger there for a while.  He delights in first having me astride Him, then splayed beneath Him.  A few well timed spanks and a handful of naughty phrases push us closer to the edge and then finally over.

My body yields and submits fully as His warmth floods into me.  Eventually our sweat slicked bodies collapse against one another.

We tightly cling together our breathing synchronized, our hearts beating in time together.  We are one.  A small tear forms in the corner of my eye as i feel the magnitude of our love.  Knowing with every fiber of my being this is precisely where i belong.

“I love you,” He softly says.


He playfully swats my bottom and says, “Go take a shower.”