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“Get the belt.”  He commands.  His eyes fierce as they gaze resolutely at me.  i know that what ever i’ve done, i will have to atone for.

After handing Him the belt, i place my hands on my head and await my punishment.  His right hand swooshes through the air and lands on my right arse cheek. *smack* And then the left cheek. *smack*  He spanks me like this for a little while.  No words, no sounds other than *smack* *smack* *smack* *smack* *smack*

Suddenly He stops and orders me, “Facing it, put your hands on the door.”  Following His orders, i quickly move into place.  That’s when i feel the first lick of the belt. *crack*

His one hand wields the belt *crack* *crack* *crack* as the other hand soothingly strokes my bottom.  Again no words or sounds from Him, only *crack* *crack* *crack* *crack* *crack* *crack*

He leans in close to me and breaks the silence with a question, “Did you not think I could do this?” *crack* *crack* *crack*

“Instead you went to those fuck sticks?” *crack* *crack* *crack*

Sobbing, i try to explain.  He cuts my excuses off, “Get on your knees.”

Moving quickly i obey.  I am now eye level with His crotch.

“Suck my cock.” His voice booms.

Startled, transfixed at His growing hardness and harsh tone i gape up at Him.

“Are you just gonna stare at it?”  He barks.

“After writing about it, should know what the fuck to do with it!”

Immediately i take Him into my mouth.  my lips and tongue quickly get to work, slithering and suckling at His swelling erection.  His hands move to either side of my head, pushing me down His shaft.  i slightly choke and sputter.

“Suck it!”  He growls.

“Gag yourself on it.  I want to hear yourself gag on it!”

Without delay, i force my lips to the base of His cock and He hits the back of my throat.  Again i sputter and cough.

“Good girl, again.”  He demands.

This lasts a few minutes.  I slide His length into me, forcibly gagging myself on His thick rigid member.

He scolds, “If you don’t respect yourself, you can’t respect others.”

As i continue to suck and gag on His unyielding cock He muses, “Should I fuck you?”

Without hesitation i reply, “If it is your will Sir”

Incensed He roars, “Bitch, I asked you if you want to be fucked.  The only acceptable answers are; yes, no, now, and hard.”  His rough words felt like a slap across my face.  My Sir is never this wrathful.  Fear starts to creep up my spine as i bite back my tears.

Nonplussed He repeats Himself, “Do you want to get fucked?”

“Yes Sir, please.” i meekly reply.

“Lay on the bed.” He commands.

Before my shoulders and head hit the mattress He is already inside of me.  Ramming to the hilt.  i obediently draw my knees up and apart allowing Him deeper access to my tight little cunt.

He snarls, “Take it!  You’re gonna take it!”

He grunts loudly as He slams His entire length into me.  i bite my bottom lip to keep from crying out each time His cock thuds against my cervix.

“Does it hurt?”  He taunts.

“A little bit Sir, yes.”

“Too bad, you’ll just have to take it.”

And then no more words.  He is lost in a frenzy of lust and vengeance.  His breathing gets louder as He continues to pound into my pussy until His release.  With each rough advance i can feel myself grow wetter and hungrier for more.

These are the moments i love with my Sir.  Looking into His eyes.  His intense gaze fixed on mine.  Feeling His complete domination and control over me.  Each thrust reminds me i am His little plaything.  i meant to serve and please Him. i am His completely, bound to Him for all of time.