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It has been over a week since we’ve had penetrative sex and we’ve both been edgy, displeased and upset.  We’ve been lacking that close intimacy which has been the glue in keeping our heads and bodies together.

After taking a shower i walk into the bedroom and see Him sitting at the edge of our bed.  Our eyes meet and i instinctively drop to my knees in front of Him.  Leaning forward, without using my hands, i take his cock into my mouth.  He lets out a heavy sigh and i take Him completely into my mouth.

Slowly His arousal awakens and i feel His shaft grow in size.  my tongue slithers along the base of Him as His cock slides in and out of my wet mouth.  One of His hands softly pets the top of my head as my lips and tongue continue to work the length of Him.

“Good girl,” He coos.

i moan my thanks around Him as i continue my ministrations.  He puts one hand on my shoulder and nudges me off of Him.

“Go get your pink toy’s sleeve and put it on me.”

Excitedly i get up and fumble through our bag of tricks.  Gingerly taking the sleeve off of my vibrator, i fold it back holding it open and return to kneeling in front of my Sir.  Tentatively i slide the sleeve all the way down His rock hard shaft.  Leaning back i admire my work.  Smiling to myself, His cock looks like it has a sugar-candy coating.  i lick my lips and shyly look up at Him through my lashes.

“Get on the bed, on your knees.”

i do as i’m told and get into position, flirtatiously i wriggle my bottom.  *smack*

His large hands cup my ample bottom, ardently squeezing my cheeks. *smack*

i know i’ve said this again and again, but oh how i adore His hands on me.  *smack*  Each touch is purposeful, full of care and desire.  *smack*  Only can His touch arouse my body, heart, mind AND soul.  But before i am lost in my passion and love for my Sir i am greeted with a few more –  *smack* *smack* *smack*

Once He determines my bottom is adequately warm and pink, He slides His entire length into me.  After He’s sufficiently buried Himself in me, He roughly shoves His hips further forward against me making sure i feel His entire girth filling me.

Softly i moan my pleasure and *smack* *smack* *smack* My tight little pussy involuntarily pulses around Him as i enjoy the feeling of Him embedded within me.

He thrusts a few times more before growling, “Lay on your back.”

Flipping over onto my back, i instinctively spread my legs wide for Him eagerly anticipating His imminent intrusion.  He does not disappoint.  Catching my gaze with His, He roughly plunges into me and i audibly gasp.  His eyes gleam with passion and mastery over my body.

He leisurely enjoys His plaything, steadily fucking me.  i can feel Him growing harder and thicker within the confines of my tight walls and my moans become louder.  Breaking through my haze of pleasure, His voice demands, “Where is your massager?”

Faintly i reply and He commands, “Get it and hold it on your clit while I fuck you.”

After a few moments of rummaging i find it.  As i flip the switch and i feel the low murmur of the massager against my hard little bud.  My moans grow louder.  My Sir picks up His pace.  His thrusts deepen and intensify.

Slave to my lust for Him, i grind my hips against Him silently urging Him to fuck me harder.  The need for his cock grows stronger within me as does the need for release.  Breathily i beg, “Sir may i cum?”

“Yes, cum around my cock my little slut.”

His words push me beyond the brink and my body convulses.  my tightness clenches around Him.  His facial features change and i feel Him forcibly thrust into me again and again searching for release.  As His body tightens, i hear Him growl His release.  His body slumps against mine pinning me to the mattress.  Sated we lay there for a few moments.  A playful grin creeps across His face and He tenderly kisses me.

“i love you Sir,” i softly whisper.

“I love you too little girl”

Brimming with deep devotion and love for this Man, i close my eyes.  And for a brief moment in time all is right with the world.