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It’s been a rough morning discussing and going through things which have been left unsaid for a long time.  A lot of tears were shed along with the sharing of negative feelings which have been plaguing us for a while.  But throughout the day we share a handful of romantically intoxicating moments together.

It’s mid-morning and we’re laying in bed talking.  He starts caressing my breasts.  Teasingly He pinches one of my nipples and i gasp.

“I like suckling at your breasts,” He confesses.

In reply, i softly moan and His hands begin to knead the soft globes.  His lips taking one nipple and then the other into His mouth, suckling and nipping.

Shyly i say, “i wonder what it would be like if you bound my breasts Sir.”

Without skipping a beat He replies, “I was thinking the same thing.”

He begins pushing them together, holding them tightly.

“You’d feel the tight pinching here,” He explains as His fingers firmly squeeze the soft flesh.


i close my eyes and delight in His amorous affection.  Slowly His left hand creeps up to my throat and He purposefully wraps his fingers around my neck and gives me a gentle squeeze.

“You really like this don’t you?”  He asks.

“yes Sir,” i breathe.


“because it makes me feel completely dominated by you Sir.”

“You like being out of control?”

“yes Sir”

“Mmmmm, so hard to tell how much pressure.  Your neck feels so soft.”

i love the way His hand feels on me.  The steady pressure reminding me who precisely is in charge.  And that i am His little fucktoy.  He squeezes tighter and my eyes close in pleasure.  i can feel my breath getting shallow.

“Is it hard to breathe?”

my mouth instinctively opens to answer Him, but no sound comes out.  Instead i just nod.

“Mmmm.  I should fuck your mouth right now.”

My eyes widen with delight and i can see He realizes this and changes his tack.

“But I won’t.”

Ever the sadist.  He knows precisely how to playfully punish His little masochist – denial.

“I should zip tie your hands and leave you like this.”

For a brief moment i wonder if He will and my stomach flips in anticipation of His next move.

“Get on your knees, on the bed.”  He commands.

Eagerly i obey and am quickly greeted with a handful of spanks.  His hands fondle my backside as He rains light spanks across my twin domes.

Without thinking i softly say, “Sir, you can spank me harder.”

Sternly He responds, “I can do what ever I want.  I’m stronger than you are.”

Little shivers of delight and fear run along my spine at His words.  *smack**smack**smack**smack**smack**smack*

Then His pace and intensity pick up *smack**smack**smack**smack**smack* i can feel my bottom sting with each lingering spank.  And my tears start to flow.  He is relentless and determined.  *smack**smack**smack**smack**smack*

Soothingly He begins to softly stroke my backside.  As my tears begin to dry He compassionately asks,”Who’s my little girl?”

“i am Sir.”

“Yes, and how’s my little girl?”

“a little sore, but good Sir”  He continues to rub my warm flesh.

“Would you like some arnicare?”

“yes please Sir.”  He briefly gets up to get the cream.  i can feel its coolness trickle onto my freshly spanked hindquarters.

“Mmmm, I can see where I struck you.  You really like being spanked don’t you?”

i sheepishly grin and confess, “yes Sir i do.”

“Hmmm, I still get hard every time i do.”  i silently smile to myself, happy and content that my Sir gets aroused at the sight of my beautifully spanked bottom.  And for the moment i am sedate and beaming that i have pleased my Sir.

Tenderly He says, “I love my little girl.”  And He kisses my bottom.

– – – – – – – – – –

Around noon my Husband came up to me and kissed me deeply then said, “You are going to stroke my hair as I suck your nipples.”

Before i had the chance to compose my reply His lips were on my left nipple.  God how i love the feel of His warm mouth against me.  Softly suckling, He looked up at me.  His eyes boring into me as my hands slid through His silky hair.  i adore watching Him as He enjoys my body.  It makes me feel loved, treasured and proud to be His.

i feel time slow down as He leisurely moves from breast to breast.  First licking, then suckling, then nipping.  The breath catching in my throat as His delightful ministrations slowly stoke the passion lurking within me.  With each tug i feel my pussy grow wetter and hungrier for His cock.

Before i know it, i’m softly begging Him, “please Sir, may i feel you inside me.”

He grins and warmly denies me.

“No.  I’m enjoying your nipples.”

i close my eyes and revel in His intimate affection.  And before i know it He stops, and unhurriedly buttons up the buttons on my top.

“Good girl.”

– – – – – – – – – –

It was about 3 o’clock in the afternoon when i was sitting at my computer checking email and He said, “Stand up.  Lean across my lap.”

i knew what was coming and i also knew i needed and deserved it.  i got up, made my way over to Him, lifted up the skirt of my nightgown and leaned over His lap with my arse in the air.

His palms caressed my derriere before *smack*

“Have I got your attention?” He quizzed.

“Yes Sir” i breathed.

“Good.”  *smack*

“Did I give you permission to seek out other men?” *smack*

“No Sir” *smack*

“Did I ever at any point say ‘Hey it’s okay for you to confide in total strangers?” *smack*

“No Sir” *smack*

“Did I ever give you permission to put another man’s cock in your mouth?” *smack*

“No Sir” *smack**smack**smack*

Tears begin to stream down my face.  The shame of having disrespected my Sir hits me harder than He does.

I meekly choke out, “i’m so sorry Sir” *smack*

“Do you remember your vows?” *smack* “And fidelity?” *smack* “And honor?” *smack*

“Yes Sir” *smack*

To punctuate and emphasize His meaning, He spanks me between each word,

“Did” *smack* “I” *smack* “ever” *smack* “give” *smack* “you” *smack* “permission?” *smack*

“No Sir,” i sob.

Not waiting for my responses He rapidly barks out each question and rains spanks across my arse cheeks and the backs of my thighs.

*smack* “Did I give you permission to disrespect yourself?” *smack*

*smack* “Did I give you permission to treat yourself like shit?” *smack*

*smack* “Did I give you permission to think less of yourself?” *smack*

*smack* “Did I give you permission to diminish your self esteem in such a manner?” *smack*

*smack* “I do not give you permission to do anything like that again” *smack*

“Is” *smack* “that” *smack* “under-” *smack* “stood?”

“IS IT?” *smack*

“yes Sir,” i sob uncontrollably.

He then starts to gently caress my freshly spanked backside.  Slowly He rubs my back soothing me as i continue to cry.

As the last of my tears fall He lovingly says, “Who’s my little girl?”

“i am Sir”

“Yes you are and I love you”

“i love you too Sir”

“I know you do.  Why do I love you?”

“because i’m kind and sweet”

“And what else?”

“i don’t know,” i start to tear up again.  He soothingly rubs my back and says,

“And you are smart, and funny, and beautiful.  And don’t ever forget that.”

As He continues to comfort me, i softly say ‘thank you God’ for this man and ask for forgiveness for ever betraying this man who i love.