Perfect Connection


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Wow, finally felt the desire and pleasure of wanting to write up our trysts.  i have been posting journal blogs, a few here and there.  But i haven’t felt the glee or compulsion to share…until today.

Last night was all over the place emotionally.  Happy and contented.  Then distraught and upset.  Next excited and loved.  More details in my journal entry.

As He smoothes the hair away from my face, He leans in to kiss my lips.  Gently claiming them in a long, lingering, passionate kiss.  It’s as if my depression spell has been broken and i feel it slowly lift.

His hands roam my body, leisurely taking in each curve.  He rolls onto His back and i follow Him, laying on the right half of Him.  He lovingly takes my right hand in His and guides it to His awaiting hardness.

My small hand curls around His thick shaft and i begin to pump Him.  His kisses become more feverish and hungry.  Breaking our kiss, i slither down His chest.  Stopping when i’m eye level with His erection.

Tentatively i flick my tongue across the tip of His cock, tasting His glistening moisture.  Salty.  Unhurriedly i wrap my lips around His head and sink down His shaft.  Taking the entire length of Him into my warm, wet and inviting mouth.

i hear His sharp intake of breath and i hold still.  My lips sealed around His cock at the base, while my tongue flicks the underside.  His hands move to my hair.  Grabbing it by the handfuls.  He guides me up and then down the length of His shaft.

Moving faster, He forces me down further onto His cock.  Making me gag and sputter.  i can feel the damp between my thighs grow as He silently commands me.  Again He groans, this time urging me upward and off His cock.

“Come here.  Get on top of me little girl.”  He seductively says.

Without hesitation i shimmy up into position, straddling Him.  His left hand, wrapped around His cock as He aims it toward my center.

Slowly i sink down, onto Him.  He feels so good.  So thick and so big.  I grind my pelvis against Him and His hands move to my hips.  Even from beneath me, He dominates me.

Steadily i begin a tantalizing up and down rhythm.  Stopping every so often to grind against Him.  Suddenly i hear Him moan, “Little girl, you need to stop for a moment or you’re going to make me cum.”

A hot flush spreads across my skin at His words.  Involuntarily my inner muscles clench around Him.  i hear Him groan again.  His hips urge me to move and i all too willingly obey.  My pace quickens as His hips rise to meet my descent, slamming into me from below.

All too soon i hear Him growl His release and He pumps His seed into me.  i continue to ride out the last few moments of His orgasm.  Teasingly, i squeeze His cock with my tight little pussy.  Again He groans and stills me.

i lean over against Him, placing my left cheek against His taut chest.  i can hear His heartbeat race and thud within Him.

Tenderly, He caresses my hair and softly whispers, “I love you little girl.”